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Snap on Snap on Wrench, Metric, Box, 0 Offset, 17 19 mm, 12 Point, Craftsman USA 14 PC Piece 12pt Point Combo Wrench Set Master Set Metric 6 19 MM, NEW Snap On SIMM190 Deep Socket Metric IMPACT Tool 19mm End 6 Point Made in USA, S K Metric 4 Piece Metric Combination Wrench Set 12 Point 14mm to 19mm, SNAP ON SWIVEL SOCKET 19MM 6 POINT CHROME 3 8 DRIVE, Snap on Tools 12 Piece Metric 3 8 Drive 6 Point Semi Deep Socket Set FSMS, Snap On 12pc, 6 point, 3 8 metric socket set 8 19mm PAKLD085 Made in the U.S.A, 12 Piece 3 8 Drive 6 Point Metric Socket Set Snap On Tools 8 19mm, Snap on 3 8 Drive PAKTY241 8mm 19mm Metric Deep Socket Set 6 Point SFSM Magnet, Craftsman Easy Read 6 Point 1 2 In. Drive Standard Sockets USA Choose, Snap on XDHFM1719 17 & 19 mm 12 point High Performance box Wrench ZERO OFFSET

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