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Craftsman 3 8 Drive 11 Piece 12 Pt Point Metric Deep Socket Set Chrome 9 19 mm, Ascot 1291D 19mm x 21mm, 1 2 drive, 6 point, Deep Flip Socket, Snap On IPLM19 1 2 inch drive 19mm 6 point impact flex socket, snap on metric combination 12 point wrench set 10 19mm oexm710b , Blue Point BOERMS712 Short, Metric Ratcheting Box end Set. 8mm 19 mm. , NEW Snap On SIMM190 Deep Socket Metric IMPACT Tool 19mm End 6 Point Made in USA, Snap On Metric Wrench Set, Stubby Combination 12 Point 10 pcs. 10 to 19 mm , Vintage Snap on 19mm Impact Socket 1 2 Drive 6 Point IMM190, SNAP ON METRIC SOCKET SET 9 MM TO 19 MM W MAGNETIC HOLDER DEEP 6 POINT MECHANIC, BLUE POINT BLPCWSM712 8 19 MM WRENCH SET SIB 11 Pc T5

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