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Craftsman 1 Pc., Industrial 6 Point Combination SAE MM Wrench USA Choose, Snap On Metric Wrench S Shape Box 17 19 mm 12 Point SBXM1719 , Gearwrench 81923 28pc Master Metric & SAE Set 1 4 1 & 6 19mm 6 Point, Blue Point Metric Ratcheting Wrench Set BOERM712 8mm To 19mm , 8 Piece Metric Offset Box Wrench Set 12 POINT BOX END Polished 60 Day Warranty, Blue Point 19 mm Ratchet Wrench, Snap on Tools 10 Piece Metric 12 Point Combination Wrench Set 10 19mm OEXM710B, 12 PIECE BLUE POINT BOERMF FLEX HEAD RATCHETING BOX OPEN END WRENCH SET 8mm 19mm, V8 Tools 8509 9 Piece 12 Point 6mm 19mm Zero Offset Long Box Metric Wrench Set, SNAP ON 12 POINT 19MM COMBINATION WRENCH MODEL OEXM190B

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